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  1. SERVICES: MY AUTO TRANSPORT SERVICES INC. is a licensed bonded Broker authorized to facilitate the transport of vehicles. We will act as your agent and find a licensed and insured Carrier to transport the requested vehicle(s).
  2. PAYMENTS: Unless other arrangements are made in advance, a nonrefundable deposit will be made via the customer’s credit card to validate the card when an order is placed with MY AUTO TRANSPORT SERVICES, INC. The remaining balance of the tariff is payable to the Carrier in the form of Cash, Cashier’s Check, or Money Order as decided by the carrier. If it is by wire transfer, the full amount is due upon receipt of the order to dispatch a driver. Other fees, if any, may be charged to the validated credit card at the time they become due. If for any reason, MY AUTO TRANSPORT SERVICES INC. feels that an adjustment in the tariff amount is required to facilitate the transport of your vehicle(s), we will only make such changes if the customer cannot be reached within a reasonable time period. The amount of the deposit may change without notice as the order is processed. However, the total charges to the customer will never exceed the agreed tariff plus any added fees as a cost to transport said vehicle. Additional fees may apply if alternate payment terms are requested after a Carrier has been assigned.
  3. DISCLOSURE: The Customer must agree to make full disclosure to MY AUTO TRANSPORT SERVICES INC. regarding the condition of the vehicle, including any modifications that have been made to the vehicle, such as but not limited to vehicles that have been lowered, raised, or have oversized or undersized tires, if the vehicle is unable to be driven on and off the Carrier’s truck under its own power, if vehicle’s brakes are insufficient to stop the vehicle, or if the vehicle has added equipment such as tool chests, fuel tanks, or luggage racks. The customer must agree to disclose the presence of any personal items in the vehicle before a Carrier is assigned. The Customer must also agree to fully disclose all dates surrounding their expectations for the move, including when the car may be picked up and delivered and if there are flights involved. If, for any reason, the vehicle or conditions surrounding the order is found to be materially different than disclosed, additional fees will apply and be added to the customer’s total tariff, including possible inoperable, dry run, rescheduling, or additional shipping charges will be added at the customer’s expense possibly without notice.
  4. VEHICLE PREP: The customer will prepare the vehicle for transportation by disarming alarm systems and removing all loose and protruding accessories from the vehicle (for example, broken spoilers, roof racks, and/or loose parts of the vehicle that might fall off during transport).
  5. PERSONAL ITEMS: Your order with MY AUTO TRANSPORT SERVICES INC. does not include the shipment of personal items. MY AUTO TRANSPORT SERVICES INC. will not be responsible for any loss or damage that is done to personal items left in vehicles. These items will not be covered by our insurance or carrier insurance. The Federal Department of Transportation does not allow the transportation of “personal items” in a vehicle that is being hauled by an auto carrier. However, many Carriers will still allow the transport of a small number of personal items. The Customer must confirm this with the assigned Carrier if planned items may be shipped. Additional fees may be necessary if arrangements are not made ahead of time.
  6. “DOOR-to-DOOR” Service means the Carrier will get as close to the stated address as is legally and safely possible. The customer and/or his agent can agree to meet the truck at a large parking lot for pickup and/or delivery if requested by the Carrier. For shipments to Hawaii or other Islands, services are “DOOR to PORT” or “PORT to DOOR.” The customer agrees to either drop off or pick up the vehicle(s) at the Port location.
  7. SCHEDULING, PICK-UP, AND DELIVERY: While every effort will be made to meet the customer’s date request, no guarantee of pickup or delivery dates can be made, expressed or implied. Delays may occur due to Carrier schedules, mechanical failure, inclement weather, and other unforeseen circumstances. If the customer insists on pickup or delivery on a specific date, special arrangements can be made with additional charges of up to $300. All dates of pickup and delivery are estimated and not guaranteed. MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. will not be responsible for any charges incurred due to a delay in pickup or delivery. This includes but is not limited to airline tickets, hotel fees, or rental car fees. The customer and his agents agree to fully inspect the vehicle at both pickup and delivery and annotate any and all damages on the Carrier’s Bill of Lading / Condition Report before the driver leaves. Any claims for damages not annotated on the Bill of Lading / Condition Report will not be honored. Inspect your vehicle completely. Insurance providers will refuse responsibility for any damage claims not annotated on a signed Bill of Lading. All claims for damage must be addressed to the Carrier. MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. acts as a Broker and is not liable for any damage claims. MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. will assist customers in processing any valid claim with the assigned Carrier. Additional terms and conditions may apply and may appear on the Carrier’s Bill of Lading / Condition Report. A Carrier is not required to wait to pick up or deliver a vehicle. A rescheduling fee will apply if the vehicle is not available for pick up or delivery once a Carrier has been assigned to transport the vehicle. The rescheduling fee will be $100. This fee will be in addition to the total amount of the tariff. A customer who double-books the shipping of their order with multiple transport companies (in that case two or more carriers will be picking up the vehicle) and if a carrier is assigned by MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. and we are then unable to transport the vehicle because the vehicle is unavailable for any reason will be subject to a dry run fee in the amount of $250 which is in addition to the total amount of the Tariff to be charged to the customer’s credit card on file.
  8. CANCELLATION: Customer is free to cancel their shipping order with MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. for any reason without penalty as long as a Carrier has NOT been assigned to ship the vehicle. If a carrier HAS been assigned to transport your vehicle(s), a late cancellation fee equal to $200 will apply. All cancellation requests must be in writing and submitted to our mailing address at 7121 West Craig Road, Suite 113-873, Las Vegas, NV 89129. MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. reserves the right to cancel an order if we are unable to find a driver for the customer at the agreed price.
  9. CLAIMS: Claims of delay, damage, non-delivery, theft, or otherwise arising from or in connection with the transport of a vehicle must be filed with the transporting Carrier that we assign to you. MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. will not be liable in any event for any such claims, actual or alleged. All subrogation, litigation, or legal action against MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. must have the right of venue in the state of NEVADA.
  10. Customer certifies that they are the legal owner or agent of the vehicle being shipped; You certify that you are the responsible party and that you are of legal age and fully authorized to enter into this agreement. The customer further authorizes MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. to assign a carrier to transport their vehicle.
  11. I authorize MY AUTO TRANSPORT COMPANY INC. to charge the below-written credit card number for the deposit amount I have given to the company over the phone. I understand that this deposit is non-refundable and that I relinquish my right to dispute the charges if a driver has already been assigned to my order. I also understand that if I dispute the charge after my vehicle(s) have been delivered, I will be charged all fees in relation to this vehicle and all attorney fees and repossession fees. We also maintain the right to repossess the vehicle through a licensed repossession company to pick up the vehicle we transported until we are paid for the transport of the vehicle in full, plus any attorney’s fees and repossession fees.
  12. I will also not solicit the services of the driver I am assigned or its subsidiaries for a period of 2 years after the date of service. I understand that I will be fined $500 if I attempt to solicit the services of the driver assigned to me within two years of the date services were rendered.