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Military Car Shipping | My Auto Transport Company

Updated: May 20, 2022

If you are reading this guide, either you or your family member serve the United States military. First things first: Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. At My Auto Transport Company, we are truly grateful to all that you and your families do to support, defend, and protect our country. And we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your family when you need to ship your vehicle, whether you are already deployed or are about to go on tour.

Maybe you’ve shipped cars before, or perhaps this is your first time shipping a vehicle. Any time you need to move your car from one place to another, it’s a challenge, especially if you cannot be there to either drive it yourself or do the organizing and planning legwork from the comfort of your home.

Fortunately, the My Auto Transport Company team is here to help ease the burden by walking you through all the steps to transport your vehicle. This guide covers two things. First, it tells you what you’ll need to do regarding your car to prepare for deployment. Second, it will help guide you through the tricky waters of how to go about moving your car if you’re already deployed.

What to do with Your Car During Deployment

When you’re facing deployment, whether it’s your first one or the umpteenth, there are a million things to do in a short period. We’ve taken the sting out of it with these simple tips and reminders. This list shares answers so that you don’t have to figure out what to do with your car while you’re on deployment.

  • Change your car insurance while deployed. Contact your insurance agent, broker, or provider. Speak to a real, live human being and don’t try to do this via computer. Talking to a real person will make updating your car insurance a much easier process. Unfortunately, you can’t cancel the insurance and reactivate it when you return stateside. But you can reduce the coverage to the required minimum. And while you’ve got someone on the phone, ask about a military discount.

  • Service your vehicle. There is nothing worse than getting home from months abroad to a vehicle that is running improperly or doesn’t run at all. When leaving for deployment, get it serviced before you leave rather than after you return. This will help prevent any potential problems from worsening.

  • Safely store your documents. Find a safe place to keep your insurance card, title, and registration. Consider keeping the insurance card and registration in or near your vehicle. But not the title. Keep that with your folks back home. If something needs to be done with the vehicle, it’ll be easy for whoever is acting on your behalf to know exactly where the important papers are. Some people prefer a lockbox or filing cabinet. Decide what’s best for you and your family.

  • Decide on the right storage option for your car. If your home has a garage, it’s easy. If not, research your car storage options. Maybe a friend or family member will allow you to store your vehicle in their garage. Or perhaps a covered storage facility or storage unit is the right fit.

  • Make duplicate sets of keys. You’re in the military, which means you are well aware that the best-laid plans sometimes go awry. Maybe a loved one has car problems and needs to use yours (with permission, of course). It’s possible that the place where you’re storing your car can no longer accommodate it. Having a duplicate set of keys entrusted to a close friend or family member makes their ability to protect and care for your vehicle much easier. After all, it’s better to have the keys and not need them than to need them and not have them.

Shipping Cars for Military Personnel

Sometimes the “home sweet home” you leave is not the same place you’ll return to after your deployment is up. Let us help make it easier on both you and those who are coordinating your relocation this step by step while you focus on staying safe and accomplishing the mission at hand.

With technological advances, much of the research and planning can be done online, allowing you to be part of the process even while deployed.

  • Step 1: Get shipment quotes. It's best to get at least 5-7 quotes and after you do we encourage you to check each company that gives you a quote on google to see their reputation review manager. Usually any complaints will be posted on google, yahoo or bing.

  • Step 2: Research shipping companies and book your transport. It’s worth a little time reading online reviews to make sure you’re choosing a reliable company. Some car shipping companies are all talk and no follow-through. The logistics of hauling multiple vehicles to and from numerous locations can get very complicated very fast. Read Google reviews as much as possible. My Auto Transport Company makes it easy to book/ Plus, you can call and talk to one of our helpful customer service members.

  • Step 3: Get your documents together. While not a lot of documentation is required to ship a vehicle, the person acting on your behalf should still have easy access to anything needed.

  • Step 4: Ship your car. Military bases do not allow auto transport trailers onto their premises. If you are shipping from or to a military establishment, you’ll need to arrange for someone to meet the transport outside the gates. Make sure the fuel level is left at a quarter of a tank. (Not so much that it adds extra weight for the transporter, but enough to get your car off the trailer and to its final destination.)

Car Shipping While in the Military

At My Auto Transport Company, we appreciate all you do for this great country. And we want to make shipping your car–especially while you’re on deployment–as easy and seamless as possible. Contact us at 702-757-9940 with any further questions, concerns. Schedule your transport over the phone with one of our trained customer service agents. We look forward in serving you and may God Bless You!

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