Can you place personal items in the car for transport?

Techincally the simple answer to this is "no" as per the Department of Transportation. Does it happen? All the time! It is at the drivers discretion whether or not you are charged for extra weight or not and its not part of your deposit so you won't get refunded for that. We only tell customers up to 100 lbs only and that's it! Some customers load the vehicle with personal items and that is when the drivers get very upset. What customers do not know is that in order for them to load the car onto their large truck they need to see out of the window. When the car is filled with personal items, he runs a risk every time he drives it onto his truck of the car going off the rails because he cannot see. So for safety reasons, for the driver and your vehicle please do not over load above the windows. If you do, the driver will not be liable in the event of an accident due to you overloading the vehicle. Another reason they get upset when a customer overloads their car is because they have to stop at weight stations all across the USA in every state they drive through and if they charge him for having extra weight, then he has to charge you for the excess weight. They have dogs that sniff through your vehicle when they are stopped at the DOT. If you have anything illegal in the car such as drugs, weapons or lethal chemicals the driver will be forced to hand over your vehicle to the authorities and he is out the spot you cost him. So please be smart and do not place anything illegal in your vehicle during transport. We would greatly appreciate it. My Auto Transport Company cooperates with all law enforcement including the DEA.

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